2021 Dues, Fees, & Information

New Member Initiation Fee: $185 (only Full/Voting Members)

2021 Dues: $610/yr. (Full/Voting), $365/yr. (Associate), $65/yr. (Crew). New members may be prorated as follows: before June 30, 100%; July 1st thru July 31, 75%; August 1 thru 31st, 50%; after August 31st to closing, 25%)

PA Mooring Permits: Full members receive one mooring permit annually as part of their dues. Permits
for additional watercraft kept overnight at PSC must be purchased through the
Treasurer at $155 each.

Camping: $275/season or $15/night (Only applies to campers)

Do not send money with your application. The PSC Treasurer will send you a bill after your application has been approved.

Terms & Agreement: Filling out this form means you agree to As a condition of membership, all members are expected to join and participate in Club Committees, attend regularly scheduled work sessions, and assist in special projects. First-year members join on a probationary basis, to be reviewed by the Executive Committee at the end of the year for admission to permanent status. I agree to abide by the rules and Bylaws of the Pymatuning Sailing Club.

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Member Application

Some fields are optional, but please give us as much info as you can to help us determine suitability for membership.

Street, City, State, Zip
Please include anyone who might regularly be at the club with you.
Sailing Skill Level (new, beginner, intermediate, expert, blue water, etc.)
Please include any boat you intend to use at PSC.
Boat Summer Location Requirements (ie mooring ball, dry sailed, beached, not stored at PSC)
Please include if you have these for any boat that will spend time at PSC.
We race every Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting)
Anything else you want to say?
Please include a current PSC member as your first reference.
By signing this, you are agreeing to the Terms & Agreement statement in the description on this page. Please review before signing and submitting your application.